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Details Sibling-Abuse-Trauma

Sibling Abuse Trauma Sibling Abuse Trauma will enhance your knowledge of assessment and clinical intervention strategies for treating intersibling abuse trauma in children, families, and adults. This informative book features: an overview of sibling ...

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Details The-Limits-of-Autobiography-Trauma-and-Testimony-Trauma-Testimony-Theory

The Limits of Autobiography Memoirs in which trauma takes a major or the major role challenge the limits of autobiography. Leigh Gilmore presents a series of "limit-cases" texts that combine elements of autobiography, fiction, biography, history, and ...

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Details The-body-remembers-the-psychophysiology-of-trauma-and-trauma-treatment

This book illuminates that physiology, shining a bright light on the impact of trauma on the body and the phenomenon of somatic memory. It is now thought that people who have been traumatized hold an implicit memory of traumatic events in their brains ...

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Details Das-hrt-nicht-auf-Trauma-Literatur-und-Empathie

Trauma, Literatur und EmpathieBroschiertes BuchWarum erzählt Literatur von traumatischen Erfahrungen? Und warum lesen Menschen solche Texte? Hannes Fricke entwickelt in 24 Modellanalysen Antworten auf diese Fragen. Ein Trauma kann einen Menschen von ...

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Details Black-Jack-Trauma

OVA Films Black Jack - Trauma, USK/FSK: 16+ VÃ--Datum: 09.03.07

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Details Healing-Developmental-Trauma-How-Early-Trauma-Affects-Self-Regulation-Self-Image-and-the-Capacity-for-Relationship

Written for those working to heal developmental trauma and seeking new tools for self-awareness and growth, this book focuses on conflicts surrounding the capacity for connection. Explaining that an impaired capacity for connection to self and to ...

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Details Art-Therapy-Trauma-and-Neuroscience

Art Therapy, Trauma, and Neuroscience combines theory, research, and practice with traumatized populations in a neuroscience framework. Recognizing the importance of understanding both art therapy and trauma studies as brain-based interventions, some ...

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Details TRAUMA-RD-302-Physiko-Balsam-W-500-ml

TRAUMA RÖD 302 Physiko Balsam W 500 ml PZN: 98200

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Details Psychische-Realitt-im-Kontext-Reflexionen-ber-Trauma-Psychoanalyse-und-die-persnliche-Geschichte

Reflexionen über Trauma, psychoanalyse und die persönliche GeschichteBroschiertes BuchDas Hauptaugenmerk dieses beeindruckenden Werkes liegt auf der größeren Flexibilität im analytischen Umgang mit dem Trauma. Diese Tatsache wurde bisher in keiner ...

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Details Children-of-Trauma-Rediscovering-Your-Discarded-Self

Children of Trauma Imagine what it would be like to become the healthiest person you could be..... This is the inherent right of each individual but when lingering emotional trauma from our childhood blocks the normal developmental process, we get ...

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Details Trauma-Verstehen-und-heilen

Verstehen und heilenGebundenes BuchWas ist ein Trauma und wie wirkt es sich auf den menschlichen Organismus aus? Wie reagieren Kinder und wie Erwachsene? Was kann man tun, um die eigene Widerstandskraft zu stärken und wie kann man anderen dabei helfen ...

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Details Das-Trauma-Roman-Psychotherapeutin-Siri-Bergmann-ermittelt-Band-2

Grebe, Camilla / Asa Träff: Die Therapeutin, Das Trauma, Aus dem Schwedischen von Gabriele Haefs, München, btb 2013, 445 S., OKart., gut erhalten

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Details Counselling-Skills-for-Working-with-Trauma-Essential-Skills-for-Counselling

Counselling Skills for Working with Trauma A skills-based manual filled that comes with practical and applied approaches for counsellors and professionals working with complex trauma. Written in an accessible and hands-on style, it begins by giving an ...

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Details Roadmap-to-Resilience-A-Guide-for-Military-Trauma-Victims-and-Their-Families

Roadmap to Resilience A guide to Military, Trauma victims and their families. Full description

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Details Trauma-Abandonment-and-Privilege

Trauma, Abandonment and Privilege discusses how ex-boarders can be amongst the most challenging clients for therapists; even experienced therapists may unwittingly struggle to skilfully address the needs of this client group. It looks at the effect on ...

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Details Von-der-Dunkelheit-zum-Licht-Trauma-Krankheit-und-Todesnhe-berwinden

Trauma, Krankheit und Todesnähe überwindenBroschiertes BuchDies ist das Buch von zwei Expertinnen: Die eine hat viel durchlitten und ist daraus als gereifte Frau hervorgegangen, die wunderbare Gedichte und anrührende Texte schreibt. Die andere ist ...

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Details The-Empire-of-Trauma-An-Inquiry-into-the-Condition-of-Victimhood

Today we are accustomed to psychiatrists being summoned to scenes of terrorist attacks, natural disasters, war, and other tragic events to care for the psychic trauma of victims--yet it has not always been so. The very idea of psychic trauma came into ...

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Details Inside-the-Parrot-Cage-Dialogues-and-Reflections-on-History-Trauma-and-Memory-Dialogues-and-Reflections-on-History-and-Trauma

Inside the Parrot Cage Inside the Parrot Cage begins with the stories Joachim tells Jean as his life nears its end. His earliest memory is that of playing and getting trapped inside a parrot cage at his aunt's hotel. This early confinement forms a ...